Pre & Probiotics - What's the Difference?

By Andy

Although you may have frequently heard the terms pre and probiotics, it's important to understand the differences, and role they play on maintaining a happy gut.
22/10/2020 10:58 AM - Comment(s)

The Evolution of Gut Health

By Andy

Consumer awareness around maintaining good 'gut health' is on the rise, as scientists research microbiome and interventions such as probiotics.
24/09/2020 03:41 PM - Comment(s)

Does the health of our gut bacteria affect how we experience Covid-19?

By Andy

Research suggests that the composition of our gut microbiome (the types of bacteria living in our intestines)

may play a role in how COVID-19 affects us because of the way they regulate inflammation in the body.

03/09/2020 05:10 PM - Comment(s)

What the Iceman's gut told us about 'Western diseases'

By Andy

Researchers had a gut feeling that the Westernised lifestyle has left our bodies less resistant to disease. This might be due to the disappearance of certain bacterial strains from our intestines, but luckily, all is not lost. The story reveals itself with the Iceman.
03/09/2020 04:44 PM - Comment(s)

Linking Gut Health & Mental Wellbeing

By Andy

The gastrointestinal system is in constant communication with the brain, with signals flowing back and forth influencing our decisions, mood and general well-being.
31/08/2020 10:28 AM - Comment(s)
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