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By - Andy
11/02/2020 03:12 PM
Here’s the biggest truth bomb I’ll ever deliver: if you can’t assimilate or use your quality nutrition, you may as well be peeing it out! Literally! 
I’m a certified Food, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach and author of 7 books! Wellness is my life’s work and passion. I’ve lived a life as natural as possible for my almost 46 years. Some of that I had no control over but where possible I avoid medications unless it’s an emergency and I’ve never ever had a drug. 

As a little girl I remember being vehemently opposed to it. As I grew up and understood Wellness, it all made sense. In my certifications and studies with one of my electives in nutrition and superfood, it clearly stated that medications block micro nutrition absorption. Boom! There it was again! My studies were confirming everything I already believed and taught. 

You see, you could be ingesting the most amazing organic food or high quality supplements, but if your body can’t use it, what’s the point? 
This is where two things come into play and it’s what I teach and it’s what makes me stand out from every other “foodie”, health coach or nutritionist. You need to make sure these two things work well:
1. Your nervous system 
2. Your gut (second brain)

This is where PERKii comes into play and why I love it so much.
When you’ve had medications before the doctor always suggests taking probiotics, right? That’s to rebalance the flora and fauna in your gut which your drugs ruin. There’s probiotics and then there’s probiotics! There’s a myriad of health drinks and KomBucha claiming to do this same thing but most are high in sugar which is inflammatory and therefore negates the effect and some don’t even have the right amount of bacteria. PERKii does! A billion in fact!

So that’s a great start and drinking the probiotic water is so easy for you or your children to ensure better balance in the gut so you can start to have more wellness without sugars! The next step is the healing of the lining / wall of the gut. Medications ruin the tissue and something like a home made bone broth (which is the chicken soup grandma used to make) or slippery elm powder for vegans, is best to restore the tissue. The collagen that comes out from the bones, heals tissue. Get the lining repaired so that you can start to absorb the nutrition in the gut. The last step is to take care of the health of your nerve system. It’s through the nervous system that you adapt to stress, coordinate all body parts and it’s how you perceive the world. Chiropractors are experts in removing nerve system interference so that you have healthier signals from brain to body, and this ensures better everything! 

These are my health hacks! Start with your daily intake of probiotics by enjoying a PERKii, eat as close to nature as possible and heal the gut, then get checked by a wellness chiropractor! You’ll start to notice that a body that works better will find its own healthy weight. A healthy body looks different on every person. Just because you’re fit or lean, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily well. Create wellness and your body will find its own perfect weight. 

Written by Andi Lew.
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