3 Week Greens & Ginger Immunity Bundle (24 Servings)

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Introducing the PERKii 3 Week Immunity Bundle. Stock up on 21 days worth of PERKii Immunity Probiotic Shots, plus three extra for those days where one is not enough!

Flavours included:

  • Super Ginger - 12 Servings
  • Super Greens - 12 Servings

Studies show that probiotic strains are most effective when consumed daily over an extended period of time. To learn more about the probiotic strain in the PERKii Probiotic Shot, visit Our Probiotics page! 

This pack contains 12 servings of PERKii Super Ginger and Super Greens Probiotic Shots. The perfect replacement for your daily probiotic supplement, each 60ml serving is bottled with 8 billion targeted release probiotics and a healthy dose of Vitamin C.