Super Berry Probiotic Shot (12 Pack)


The PERKii Super Berry Probiotic Shot is here! Crafted with the support of the PERKii fans, the newest flavour in the PERKii Probiotic Shot family is refreshingly familiar, with a naturally sweet yet tangy taste.

The perfect replacement for your daily probiotic supplement, each high potency shot is bottled with 8 billion targeted release probiotics. PERKii Super Berry Probiotic Shot blends the incredible flavour of blueberry, apple and lemon for a naturally tangy taste that is completely plant-based and low in sugar.

  • High potency! Bottled with 8 billion probiotics
  • Low in sugar
  • Plant-based / Vegan
  • Naturally flavoured
  • One a day!

To learn more about the probiotic strain in this drink, visit Our Probiotics page!

  • Must be refrigerated at all times
  • 60ml glass bottle (fully recycled)
  • Made in Australia of at least 70% Australian ingredients