Why do you need Probiotics? 

Probiotic levels can be affected by a wide range of factors including poor diet (too many fats or processed foods or too little fibre), excess stress, toxic substances (including antibiotics) and excess alcohol intake. While a good diet and exercise is the first line of defence, the large demands of the modern-day life can limit our ability to achieve our goals. Understanding the potential benefits of probiotics, can help you consider how adjusting your intake (of probiotics) may best benefit you. 

Why PERKii?

Simply put: we take great probiotics and make them better. Many products use strains that have shown questionable survival rates, dying in the harsh acid environment of the stomach or in some cases, many ‘cultured’ drinks don’t accurately outline any details of the strain or number of probiotics in them. These drinks include kombucha and kefir. We’ve solved that by working with the University of Queensland to create a technology with natural ingredients.

We use PROGEL™ to coat our probiotics, effectively armour-plating them against the stomach acids while also providing a form of prebiotics in their organic seaweed-derived covering. Activated at a microscopic level, this means we can make our probiotics undetectable to taste and ensure more living probiotics make it to the gut where they get to work.

Every PERKii flavour is 'Bottled with billions' of probiotics.

We bottle every PERKii Probiotic Drink with over 1 billion CFUs of Lactobacillus Casei - one of the world's most documented probiotic strains!

Each 'micro encapsulated' to survive the journey through your stomach.

The journey of a probiotic to the gut is a perilous one. Our probiotics are naturally micro-encapsulated to increase their survival through the stomach and into the gut!

Built to deliver goodness right where it matters - your gut!

Lactobacillus Casei at an RDA of 1 billion is proven to provide an enhanced immune response and shorten the duration of the common cold!