Super Ginger Probiotic Shot (12 Pack)


Introducing the PERKii Probiotic Shot! The perfect replacement for your daily probiotic supplement, each high potency shot is bottled with 8 billion targeted release probiotics. 

PERKii Super Ginger Probiotic Shot is 100% plant-based, low in sugar and naturally flavoured for a tasty ginger kick!

  • High potency! Bottled with 8 billion probiotics
  • Low in sugar
  • Plant-based / Vegan
  • Naturally flavoured
  • One a day!

To learn more about the probiotic strain in this drink, visit Our Probiotics page!

  • Must be refrigerated at all times
  • 60ml glass bottle (fully recycled)
  • Made in Australia of at least 70% Australian ingredients