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Navigating the crowded field of health beverages can be daunting, with many products promising significant health benefits. PERKii Probiotic drinks purpose is simple: cultivate better overall health through better gut health, this purpose has gained attention not just from our unique micro-shielded probiotic technology (developed by the University of Queensland)  but also for the experiences shared by our users. One such customer, Jess, has shared her encouraging journey with PERKii, which reflects a positive change in her lifestyle and well-being.

After years of battling chronic fatigue linked to recurring infections and extensive antibiotic use, Jess found herself continually exhausted. She sought a change and was intrigued by the potential benefits of probiotics, particularly those in PERKii due to their unique delivery system. Jess explained her reason for trying PERKii, noting, "I read your packaging and it appealed to me that it had the technology of a protective coating, so I tried it."

PERKii micro-shielded technology is designed to protect probiotics through the stomach, increasing the chances of reaching the gut more effectively than non micro-shielded probiotics. This feature aims to maximise the potential benefit of each probiotic strain. While no health drink can guarantee medical results, PERKii technology focuses on delivering its ingredients to the gut where they can be most effective.

Jess's interest was piqued by this scientific approach created by the University of Queensland. "The science and getting to your gut was the key aspect that appealed to me," she stated.

Jess's initial experience with PERKii was surprisingly positive. She noticed a feeling of increased energy sooner than she expected which for her, was a welcome change from her usual fatigue. Jess shared. “Normally at the end of the week I would feel quite tired and drained, but I noticed that when it came to the weekend, I had a lot more energy than usual", careful to express this as her personal reaction rather than a guaranteed outcome.

Jess’s favorite flavors are Orange, Mango & Passionfruit, and Strawberry & Watermelon, “not only do they taste great, but they are also low in sugar which is an added bonus”.

Encouraged by her own results, Jess has become an informal advocate, sharing her positive experience with friends and encouraging them to explore the potential benefits of probiotics for themselves. "I started looking online and researching it more, and I am now telling my friends,” she mentioned, highlighting her proactive approach to understanding and sharing information on probiotics.

Another inspiring account comes from Kay, who has been navigating multiple autoimmune conditions, including metastatic atrophic gastritis and pernicious anemia. Her journey with PERKii began through a simple recommendation from her daughter, driven by her desire to improve her gut health. "I would try anything to try and make my gut health better," Kay stated, reflecting her openness to exploring new dietary approaches that could potentially support her well-being.

Kay was initially a little sceptical which is natural, given her complex health challenges. However, her experience with PERKii soon led to observable changes. "Within weeks of taking it, I started to notice a difference, and so did my friends," she recalled. Her friends commented on how much better she looked, and Kay herself felt more energised.

Embracing PERKii as part of her daily routine, Kay enjoyed not only the flavor but also the impact she perceived it had on her health. "It tastes great, and I have found the health benefits to be really positive for me," she shared. Through her experience, Kay became more invested in understanding the role of probiotics in overall health, leading her to research further into how gut health influences bodily functions and well-being.

Kay’s growing knowledge about probiotics and their potential benefits led her to appreciate the importance of gut health more deeply. "I started to research probiotics a lot more and realized that everything really starts with the health of your gut," she noted. This realisation has not only influenced her own health choices but also highlighted the interconnectedness of diet, gut health, and overall physical condition.

Kay's story, like Jess's, provides a personal perspective on the potential benefits of PERKii and incorporating probiotics. It is important to note that while both customers shared positive experiences, these are individual results and should not be seen as product guarantees. PERKii aims to support health and wellbeing through scientifically backed micro-sheilded probiotic delivery technology, offering the benefit of probiotics surviving the stomach and reaching the gut. For individuals like Kay & Jess, their health journey continues to be supported by informed choices, continual personal research into the benefits of probiotics and a healthy gut. PERKii is also, all about health and well-being and educating consumers on overall benefits of probiotics and a healthy gut.



Disclaimer: This article features personal stories from individuals who have used our product and shared their experiences. It is not intended as medical advice. For any health concerns or conditions, please consult a healthcare professional. These testimonials are personal accounts and should not be taken as claims of guaranteed results.



April 30, 2024