Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the PERKii FAQs page! Here we answer some of our most frequently asked questions, from the benefits of micro-shield technology, to the probiotics we use in our drinks. If there's a question you have that isn't on this list, feel free to reach out to our team of probiotic enthusiasts at We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible (and we may even add your question below)!

What is the difference between PERKii probiotics and regular probiotics?

PERKii's secret-sauce is its micro-shield formula. Each and every probiotic inside PERKii probiotic drinks are naturally encapsulated in a seaweed derived shell, to protect and nourish the living microorganisms inside. In fact, studies show that micro-shielded probiotics survive up to 10,000 times greater inside a simulated acidic stomach environment (pH 2) when compared to non micro-shield probiotics. To learn more about our micro-shield technology, visit are science page here.

What makes PERKii probiotics ‘targeted release’?

Simply put, our probiotics are designed for a targeted release in your gut. We use the term ‘targeted release’ to describe the benefit of the micro-shield technology. Research shows that probiotics can have a number of effects on overall wellbeing when in the comfort of the gastrointestinal tract.

However, getting there isn't easy. The low pH of the human stomach can be detrimental to living probiotics. Our micro-shield provides a stable environment for the probiotics inside, allowing for a targeted release once inside the neutral pH gut.

What impact does stomach acid have on probiotics?

In simulated stomach trials, free cell (or non micro-shield) probiotics showed a mortality rate of 99% in the first 30 mins. This means that regular probiotics more often than not, do not reach the gut alive. 

PERKii’s micro-shield technology is specifically designed to resist stomach acid, so the probiotics inside reach the gut alive, where they attach to the intestinal walls and proliferate. 

Why add probiotics to drinks?

Our probiotic drinks provide the ideal environment for our targeted release probiotics to thrive. The three components for the prolonged survival of living probiotics are moisture (the liquid in our drinks), a controlled temperature (the reason our probiotics drinks are chilled at all times) and nutrients (which our micro-shield provides). To learn more about the reasons for the beverage carrier of our probiotics, visit our science page. 

What strain of probiotic is used in PERKii & why?

Currently, we micro-shield two different probiotic strains:  Each of these probiotic strains is backed by multiple independent studies.

For more on these strains and their studied benefits, visit our probiotics page. 

How often should I consume PERKii Probiotic Drinks?

The probiotic strains used in PERKii have been extensively trialled at a consumption rate of 1 billion CFUs or more, over a frequency of 4+ weeks. Each PERKii probiotic drink is bottled with 1 billion or more probiotics per serve. As such, we recommend drinking a PERKii a day (though there’s no harm in having one or two more)! 

How is PERKii different to kombucha?

Unlike kombucha, perkii probiotics drinks are unfermented and contain an identifiable strain and CFU count of probiotics. Kombucha drinks rely on a fermented flavour due to the production process, however, our micro-shield technology allows our probiotics to survive in a variety of environments. 

What impact can probiotics have on gut health?

The association of probiotics and gut health has been long standing and well-researched. Often the potential benefit of a probiotic comes down to the actual strain and the supporting studies. For more on the strains we use and their associated studies, visit our probiotics page. 

Does PERKii contain real fruit juice?

The specific formulation of our probiotic drinks is designed to provide the ideal environment for probiotic survival. Too much sugar and the probiotics inside can become overactive, consuming all the food available and dying off within the product. As such, all our formulated probiotic drinks contain a blend of natural juice (up to 25% per bottle), natural flavours and the micro-shield probiotics. This also allows us to keep both the sugar levels lower than most juice, as well as the calories.

Is PERKii safe to consume when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our product is designed to be generally safe for consumption and the benefits can be positive for a range of conditions. While there is nothing that should be an issue in PERKii for pregnancy or breastfeeding, we always encourage people to consult their doctor as everyone has different physical and environmental stressors in life.