What makes PERKii deliver more goodness to your gut?

Our secret sauce is our armour-plated probiotics. Or more specifically: PROGEL™ coated probiotics. Utilising the technology invented at the University of Queensland, we’ve provided an organic prebiotic coating to support probiotic survival through the acidic stomach.

What is Progel?

The PROGEL™ technology was conceived in 2001 at The University of Queensland by globally recognised expert in food engineering, Professor Bhesh Bhandari. Core to this technology is the ability to produce micron-sized gel particles (microgels) to encapsulate ingredients. ProGel microgels come from sodium alginate, a naturally occurring biopolymer extracted from (brown) seaweed that is commonly used in food. This technology can provide protection for bioactive like probiotics as well as controlling delivery of pharmaceuticals and masking bitter tastes.

What strain of probiotic is used in PERKii & why?

PERKii contains Lactobacillus Casei, which is one of the most widely researched probiotic strains and has been shown to support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the human gut. Scientific research has shown that good gut flora can promote many benefits for overall physical and psychological health; including easing digestive troubles, boosting mood and brain function, assisting weight-management and boosting immunity. In fact, the world’s largest clinical study on the immune effects of probiotics confirmed that the Lactobacillus Casei strain in particular reduces the duration of symptoms from the common cold and flu.

How much sugar is in PERKii?

The low sugar content in PERKii comes from a high-quality New Zealand cloudy apple juice (25% content) with no additional sugars added into the drink formulation. The sweetness of the beverage is slightly boosted by adding stevia, a plant-derived natural sugar replacement.

Why is PERKii lactose free but may contain trace dairy?

Our probiotic cultures are grown in the presence of a milk protein. Although this protein is only used in the cultivation stages (and there is no detectable dairy in PERKii), there is still a very small chance it could appear in minuscule trace amounts.

What is the PH balance of PERKii?


Where is PERKii made?

PERKii is made entirely in Queensland with the help of the Food Innovation Centre in Brisbane. The encapsulation of the probiotics is completed at the Queensland Government and CSIRO centre, before being bottled by leading drinks manufacturers in Queensland and Victoria.

Ingredients & Nutrition Panels

Here are our ingredients and nutritional values. If you have any further questions, please contact our team at any time.

Mango Passionfruit
Strawberry Watermelon
Forest Berry