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    Really excited to announce that over the next 12 months, PERKii Probiotic Drinks will be championing the heroes of Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA)
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About Us

PERKii is the combination of serious scientific research at the University of Queensland and the outdoor goodness of the Sunshine State. 

Developed over 10 years ago by a team of Food Technicians, or "gut-scientists", each of our enhance probiotic drinks contain billions of probiotics per serve. 

Better yet, every single probiotic we inside is armour-plated (or micro-encapsulated) to increase their survivability and deliver more goodness where they count - your gut!

Our Story
We believed CFUs out is better than CFUs in. PERKii probiotic drinks contain up to 1 billion probiotics at point of consumption.

Billions of probiotics at time of consumption, not 'manufacture'.

The journey of a probiotic to the gut is a perilous one. Our probiotics are naturally micro-encapsulated (or armour-plated) to increase their survival rate to your gut!

Armour-plated to survive the journey through your stomach.

Lactobacillus Casei 431 at an RDA of 1 billion is proven to provide an enhanced immune response and shorten the duration of the common cold!

Probiotics built to deliver goodness right where it matters - the gut!

The Brains Behind PERKii
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Developed at UQ

Did you know the majority of probiotics perish in your stomach, well before they've reached your gut? 

Our leading team of Food Technicians (or "Gut-Scientists") at The University of Queensland did, and they set about developing an encapsulation process to enhance the probiotics we use.

The result: ProGel Technology. A natural, micro-coating for every probiotic in PERKii, so it is able to get to where it really matters: your gut!

The Smarts

Our Stockists

The Better For You Blog

Keep up to date with all things PERKii, with our biweekly blog posts! Whether you are looking for information on probiotics, updates on what PERKii has been up to or general health and lifestyle tips, this is the place for you.

Meet Ironman Nathan Gray

As part of an ongoing series with Surf Life Saving Australia, we caught up with Professional Ironman, Nathan Gray.

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Surf Life Saving Australia

Over the next 12 months, PERKii will be championing the heroes of SLSA through incredible content, sampling and fundraising!

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Time for a Gut-Check

It's officially the festive season. Let's talk alcohol, the effect it has on you gut, probiotics and what to do about it!

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