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About us

Probiotics that get through to your gut.

At PERKii our purpose is simple: cultivate better overall health through better gut health. For us, this starts with probiotics. A powerful intervention within the human microbiome, living probiotics have been shown to affect wellbeing within the digestive tract in a heap of ways – our probiotics page has a lot more on this!

But did you know reaching the gut alive is not all that easy for probiotics? Research into the micro-organism found that variations in pH can affect survival rate. Low pH environments; that found in the human stomach, had a detrimental effect of living probiotic CFU count. Whereas neutral pH environments, like that of the gut, is optimal for sustaining living probiotics.

University-led science

"How can we ensure probiotics survive the journey through the stomach and into the gut, where they thrive?"

This was the challenge our founding team faced when first exploring the world of probiotics, over 10 years ago. Lead by Professor Professor Bhesh Bhandari, a globally recognized expert in drying technology, dairy research and 3D printing at the University of Queensland, PERKii micro-shield technology was born. 

The secret-sauce – PERKii micro-shield: Made primarily of a natural alginate formula, PERKii micro-shield technology is designed for a targeted release of living probiotics in the gut. The natural make up of the micro-shield provides vital nutrients for the probiotics inside as well as protection against low pH stomach acids. Once inside the neutral gut environment, this natural change in pH causes the micro-shield to dissolve, releasing the probiotic inside!

Why drinks? The too long didn’t read - our drinks provide the ideal environment for sustained probiotic life. Living probiotics need moisture, nutrients and a stable chilled temperature to survive. Our drinks provide all 3. It’s for this reason you will never see PERKii’s products on an ambient shelf or in a capsule (and why you may want to question those that are).

Made in Australia - Over 10 years since our patented micro-shield technology was first developed, we continue to operate out of the University of Queensland, a leading institution for scientific innovation both in Australia and globally.

Effective probiotics

When it comes to choosing the right probiotics for PERKii micro-shield technology, we start with scientific research. All the strains used in our products are backed by multiple, independent studies to ensure they have a substantiated benefit to our health once in the gut.

Derived from Greek, ‘probiotics’ literally translates as ‘for life’ (as opposed to antibiotics which means ‘against life’). By definition, probiotics are “live microorganisms that when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host” (Hill et al., 2014).

PERKii partners

At PERKii we're excited to be working with a variety of individuals and organisations promoting better mental and physical wellbeing throughout Australia.