Introducing: PERKii Immunity Probiotic Shots

Rethink your daily probiotic supplement.

PERKii Super Ginger (hand)

Excited to announce the newest member of the PERKii Probiotic Drink family: PERKii Immunity Probiotic Shot. Over the past 12 months we have been tastefully crafting our Shots range to match all the amazing things you have come to expect from PERKii products: A great-taste and good-for-you! 

The perfect substitute for your daily probiotic pill or capsule, PERKii Immunity Probiotic Shot comes in a 60ml serving that easy to consume and fits comfortably in the fridge.

Each small and mighty Shot is bottled with 8 billion Targeted Release Probiotics (more on these later!) and packed with a healthy dose of Vitamin C per serve to support normal immune function. Available in three flavours in packs of 12: Super Ginger, Super Berry and Super Greens.  

Why Vitamin C?

An essential micro-nutrient, Vitamin C has been shown to support a number of immune functions within the human body. Studies indicate Vitamin C can stimulate the migration of white blood cells to infection points, as well as decrease Neutrophil Necrosis, a trigger of inflammation. The PERKii Immunity Shot contains 25% or 10mg of your recommended daily intake. 

Targeted Release Probiotics

PERKii Immunity Shot contains the strain Bifidobacterium Lactis, a living plant-based probiotic that has been described in over 300 scientific publications. Each probiotic is naturally micro-shielded in our patented formula to increase its survival through the stomach, for a targeted release in the gut (where they matter most). For more on the PERKii science, visit - The Science

For the full PERKii Immunity Probiotic Shot range, check out the flavours below:


PERKii Super Ginger Probiotic Shot
PERKii Super Berry Probiotic Shot
PERKii Super Greens Probiotic Shot
June 22, 2022