5 Week Berry Immunity Bundle (36 Servings)

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 Bundle and save! The PERKii 5 Week Immunity Bundle contains 36 servings of our great tasting Berry Probiotic Shots at a lower price per serve, making it even easier for you to get your probiotic-a-day.

Each bundle contains 5 weeks worth of probiotic supplementation, plus an extra 4 servings for those days when one just isn't enough! For more on the probiotic strains we use and their associated scientific research, visit Our Probiotics page. 

Bundle includes: 

  • Super Berry - 36 Servings

The PERKii Immunity Probiotic Shot is the tastier way to your probiotic-a-day. Bottled with 8 billion targeted release probiotics, each 60ml serve is low in sugar, entirely vegan and is a good source of Vitamin C, supporting normal immune system function.