PERKii Eco-box

You may notice your latest delivery of PERKii arrived in a completely new box, with thermal bag and ice packs. That's because all the materials are fully reusable and recyclable, a conscious move away from the traditional foambox used in the past.

This material is fully insulated (like our previous foambox) however the materials are much more environmentally friendly, and take up a lot less space!

Our recyclable materials

Box - fully reusable and recyclable.

Thermal lining -  made from at least 20% recycled content (and 100% recyclable) this material can be returned at over 1800 supermarkets nationwide.

Ice packs - completely reusable (chuck it in your lunch box or even use it to heal an injured muscle), once no longer needed, make sure the ice is thawed, snip the corner, empty contents on garden or dissolve with salt, and recycle at over 1800 supermarkets nationwide - just like the thermal liner.

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