804 Reasons to Shop at Woolies!

Amazing news out of PERKii Enhanced Probiotics and Woolworths, with our increased ranging to 747 Woolworths Supermarkets and 57 Metro stores across the East Coast! That means you'll now find our probiotic drinks in 75% of stores Australia wide. 

This includes popular locations such as Town Hall in Sydney, and holiday destination, Byron Bay. A significant milestone for PERKii, and our customers as we strive to increase availability, and raise awareness around the benefits of probiotics as part of a balanced diet. Next goal will be a transition into every Woolworths store, nationally, with some sparkling new additions! Watch this space.

As part of this increased ranging we will now be delivering directly from Woolworths distribution centres around the country. What does this mean to you? Well now, you'll have less of those moments when all you feel like is a refreshing PERKii, and the shelves are empty! 

To top this all off, starting on the 22nd of July is a promotion with Woolworths, running for two weeks straight. Look out in-store for some amazing pricing to help you stock up the fridge. 

We understand that sometime our drinks are a little hard to find, so don't worry, we have you covered with some imagery on shelf to help point you in the right direction.

Finally, we'd love to take this opportunity to thank the loyal fans of PERKii. The growth we are seeing would not be possible without your support and belief in our special product. 

If you haven't seen PERKii in your local Woolies, and want to know if it was recently introduced, send us a DM, or email us at hello@perkii.com and we'll point you in the right direction.

July 23, 2020