PERKii now available with Morsl

CEO Karla Borland, and her team have recently launched their innovative micro market, Morsl, and PERKii Probiotics is proud to be a part of it! Sharing our 'better for you' ethos, the goal behind Morsl is to reinvent food and beverages in the workplace, encouraging healthier eating and improving the overall well-being of workers. A perfect fit for our great tasting, micro encapsulated probiotic drinks.

How it started

The story behind Morsl is an interesting one, best told by Karla. "The idea for Morsl was borne out of a daily frustration of trying to eat healthy in the office. I wanted to eat healthy, but I was time poor and I didn’t have the knowledge to read nutritional labels. I always ended up at the vending machine every afternoon buying a coke and chocolate. 

After analysing the market in Australia, I realised there was a gap in how corporates provide their staff with access to healthy food options in a way which is integrated and sustainable for employees. Providing staff with seminars on nutrition and cooking classes is a fantastic form of education but our Morsl markets now allow them to put those learnings into practice on a daily basis."
What is involved
  • The Morsl nutritionists have curated a range of over 300 foods and drinks with a focus on supporting employee health and well-being.
  • Employees are surveyed to ensure the stock selected best meets their dietary requirements.
  • Included is a broad product variety including fresh fruit, ready to go meals, wraps/sandwiches, salads, snacks including nuts, food bars, veggie pods, crisps and crackers, breakfast options, cold-pressed juices and of course PERKii!
  • This is all topped off by technology that uses the latest advancements in self-service, allowing for fast and easy check-out process.
About us
PERKii is an innovative probiotic drink like no other on the market, using technology developed at The University of Queensland, to armour-plate it’s probiotics with a natural casing, delivering a better performing and tasting drink. 

Bottled with over one billion clinically researched probiotics, all aimed at supporting good health and vitality. This beneficial bacteria provides support for our body, improving digestion and immune system function, with associated positive effects on mental well-being, skin and dental conditions. “From Nippers to Iron Women, probiotics have the ability to positively impact all of our gut microbiomes, and resulting wellness in a variety of ways,” says accredited PERKii dietitian and nutritionist, Kara Landau. “PERKii’s probiotic encapsulation technology protects the good bacteria in their drinks, delivering more goodness where it counts - the gut.” 

Made with natural flavours, low in sugar and just 37 calories per serving, PERKii Probiotic Drinks are perfect to have each day as part of a healthy diet. Developed with a bitter-free fruit taste, PERKii’s success has been grounded with appeal to both adults and parents looking for a healthy and appealing drink for their children.

PERKii is excited to be on this journey of growth alongside Morsl! For more information and the benefits of Morsl, head over to their website

August 20, 2020
Tags: health