PERKii Sparkling Now Available at Coles Express

Australian probiotic brand PERKii is excited to launch its new 100% plant-based Sparkling Probiotic Drinks into Coles Express stores nationally.

PERKii Sparkling is bottled with 1 billion plant-based probiotics, blended with natural flavours. PERKii’s point of difference is its Targeted Release Probiotics. Micro-shielded to resist stomach acid, for a targeted in-gut release of probiotics.

The Coles Express launch includes 2 natural sparkling flavours - Orange, Mango Passionfruit and Watermelon, Mint Cucumber - which will sit in the chilled aisles as a popular non-fermented alternative to kombucha.


PERKii is also pleased to announce the introduction of its Tropical Splash Probiotic Drink into Coles Express. A flavour that saw strong growth in its first year of trading, Tropical Splash is the perfect low sugar drink for the summer months, bottled with billions of targeted release probiotics.

“At PERKii we believe in better overall health, through better gut health,” PERKii Chief Executive Officer Anthony Davie says. “Our patented micro-shield technology provides resistance against stomach acids, for a targeted in-gut release of probiotics.

“We’re passionate about the launch of our Sparkling range as it opens up the PERKii technology to even more consumers, being 100% plant-based. We’ve also had incredibly positive feedback from kombucha drinkers, who we know are looking more than ever for credibility in the products they consume.” 

PERKii Sparkling contains the probiotic Bifidobacterium, the world’s best documented strain.

Developed at the University of Queensland, PERKii’s micro-shield technology is designed to protect probiotics against harmful acids as they travel through the stomach. Once in the lower intestine, the probiotic is released from its micro-shield and attaches to the intestinal wall, where it proliferates.


Davie says PERKii’s sales grew exponentially in the past two years with Australians increasingly seeking out drinks that are healthier, tastier and lower in sugar.

PERKii is currently sold in Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets nationally as well a number of other food stores and cafés.

“People are making active choices to consume products they know can have a tangible benefit on their overall wellbeing” he said. “We’ve seen unprecedented growth in the gut health space, as well as a growing awareness for ensuring probiotics survive the journey through the stomach.”

About PERKii Targeted Release Probiotics

PERKii uses micro-shield technology for a targeted in-gut release of effective probiotics. Protected and nourished inside a natural alginate shield, each probiotic is equipped to resist stomach acid and survive the journey to your gut. For a difference you can feel. 

PERKii is available as both Still and Sparkling naturally flavoured drinks, each bottled with 1 billion or more targeted release probiotics. 

Developed at the University of Queensland, one of Australia’s leading institutions for scientific innovation. For more information, visit

December 08, 2020