How Often Should You Take Probiotics?

If you’ve just started taking probiotics, you might be wondering - ‘how often should you take probiotics?’

Once a week? Daily? What magic number is going to give your gut the best results? Don’t worry, getting started with probiotics couldn’t be easier. 

So, how often should you take probiotics? In this post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about getting started with a probiotic - check it out!

What Are Probiotics?

Let’s start with the basics - what are probiotics, exactly? Probiotics are live bacteria that are consumed to nourish and support a healthy gut. They’re commonly ingested through probiotic drinks, foods, or with a supplement.

When they’re regularly consumed, probiotics work to rebalance the gut bacteria, ease intestinal discomfort, and support general wellbeing. The benefits don’t stop there. Probiotics have also been said to support heart health, boost immunity, and improve mental health.

With all these benefits up for grabs, now is the time to get started with a probiotic!

How Often Should You Take Probiotics?

So, how often should you take probioticsWhen it comes to probiotic dosage, there’s many aspects to take into account, such as the number of colony-forming-units (CFUs) and the particular strains of bacteria being consumed. 

Take the following probiotic strains, for example: bifidobacterium lactis and lactobacillus casei. Multiple studies have suggested that the correct frequency of consumption for these strains to have a tangible impact on health is anywhere from 3-6 weeks at a daily intake of 1 billion CFUs.

Many benefits were seen over this time-frame with regular, daily supplementation - including a resistance to respiratory infections, improved bowel function, and a protective effect against diarrhoea.

So, when supplementing with bifidobacterium lactis and lactobacillus casei probiotic strains, daily consumption at one billion CFU is recommended.

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The Benefits Of Probiotics 

There are many benefits that a daily probiotic can add to your general health and wellbeing. Below, we’ve listed 5 reasons to get your hands on a daily probiotic!

1. Immune response 

Are you looking for ways to support your immune system? If so, it might be worth getting your hands on a probiotic.

Specific probiotic strains have been shown to adjust the gut bacteria in a way to support the body's defense against infection and stop the growth of bad gut bacteria. This good bacteria may encourage the production of antibodies to support immune systems and fight off disease.

Ross Barnard’s in-depth analysis of probiotics lactobacillus casei and bifidobacterium lactis explores the scientific evidence here.

2. Rebalance Your Gut

One of the key reasons why people will take a probiotic is to support their gut health and restore a natural balance of good bacteria.

When our gut is unbalanced with bad bacteria, we often experience all kinds of signs and symptoms - including an upset stomach, poor immunity, skin conditions, bloating, and more.

This can be caused by several factors - including a poor diet, taking antibiotics, or a recent illness.

This is where probiotics can come in handy. Regularly taking probiotics can rebalance the good bacteria in your intestines, which can ease any gastro-intestinal discomforts.

3. Treat Diarrhoea

Probiotics are also great for preventing and treating diarrhea. They work to rebalance good bacteria in the gut, helping to ease any symptoms and discomfort - as well as the duration.

Whether you’re experiencing diarrhea from travelling, antibiotics, or a gastro-infection - it might be worth getting a probiotic on your side to help on the road to recovery. 

4. Support Mental Health

The benefits of probiotics ended far beyond the gut - in fact, probiotics have shown promise in supporting mental health too.

Many studies have linked gut health to our mental health and mood. Regularly taking a probiotic has shown promise to reduce symptoms linked with conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Not to mention, probiotics have also been said to enhance memory and learning. 

5. Boost Heart Health 

If you’re looking for ways to promote a healthy heart, it might be worth getting your hands on a daily probiotic.

When bad cholesterol builds up in our heart and arteries, it can lead to many health issues - such as atherosclerosis.

This is where probiotics come in handy. It’s believed that our probiotics can alter our cholesterol levels by lessening the amount of cholesterol we absorb through our diet and breaking down bile in our gut.

This effect may overall reduce levels of bad cholesterol and slightly lower blood pressure.

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*The information in this article is provided as advice only and is designed for those with no healthcare issues. Before adjusting your diet, speak with your healthcare professional.

November 02, 2021