NEW: PERKii Probiotic Shot

Long and loud drum-roll for this one PERKii fans... INTRODUCING the new PERKii Super Probiotic Shots! It has literally been over a year in the making and we could not be prouder of the final product! Each natural flavour has been developed hand-in-hand with probiotic consumers and delivers on both taste and probiotic load. 

Each high-potency 60ml shot is bottled with 8 billion of our targeted release probiotics, micro-shielded to get through to your gut. The probiotic used, Bifidobacterium lactis (more on this probiotic here) is one of the world's most researched strain, and is best consumed daily over a 3 week or more period.

The product is also entirely plant-based and suitable for vegan diets, as well as low in sugar. Available exclusively online in two flavours:

  • Super Greens
  • Super Ginger

Available in packs of 12, or just under two weeks of probiotic supplementation. Visit our webshop to purchase these new products and get through to your gut!

About PERKii Targeted Release Probiotics: 

PERKii uses micro-shield technology for a targeted in gut release of effective probiotics.

Protected and nourished inside a natural alginate shield, each probiotic is equipped to resist stomach acid and survive the journey to your gut. For a difference you can feel.

Developed at the University of Queensland. Australia’s leading institution for scientific innovation.